Flowers of Letters | ظہور احمد فاتح


In the Name of ALLAH, The more merciful &Beneficent

Flowers of Letters

Zahoor Ahmad Fateh

Fateh Publications, College Road
Taunsa Shareef

In honor of
Holy Prophet Christ,
The messenger of love
And forgiveness.

Prayer and Pray

I beg refuge in Allah
From the devil who is cursed

In the name of Allah the kindest,
And most beneficent

All the praise is for Allah,
who is the kindest and most beneficent

The master of Day of Judgment
We worship you only,

And only request you for help
Show us the right path,

Those path who are blessed,
Not those path

who are punished,
And those who lost the path,
{May be so}

Holy Prophet of Mercy

Allah loves man kind
He advises him the right path,

He sent Prophets for guidance
Some of them brought books,
They are called Rasools,
Mohammad is also A, Rasool

He is the last Prophet;
He is the greatest leader

He was the most merciful,
He brought the religion of Islam,

The natural and complete religion,
He brought Holy Quran and Hadith,

The book of Allah and wisdom of Prophet,
He took pains for Islam

He was very generous,
He forgave his enemies

He spread Islam in world,
And worldwide brother hood


I shall take rest
After the conquest

Never be fail
Success is the best

Who can imagine
Injury of my chest;

He will find peace;
Who will be modest,

You will be respected;
Honor your guest;

Home is need of all;
Never damage nest;

Be a humble person;
It is my request

I am fan of east;
You are fond of west;

Fateh it is challenge;
I shall clear test;


Struggle more and more;
You will find shore;

You have thought now
I had said before

It injured my heart
My letter he tore;
She is seeming bare;
The fashion which she wore;

Fateh man of letters
Much sorrow he bore;

A Lyric

I say love is pain;
It over comes the brain;

The action which is idle;
You never commit again;

We should serve the nation;
This moto is main;

Peace is peace of mind;
The anger is in vain;

When mighty heart is lost;
Then nothing you can gain;

Fateh never break,
Relation is chain,

AN Ode

How majesticful is gate,
How can you find rebate,

You are precious like a diamond
Who will mention you are rate,

Let us marry’ When I offered
She replied it is late;

Your wisdom yourtalent;
My son should be up to date;

Fateh is the poet of world
Verifies syndicate

A painful Tune

Hullo,Hullo,my beloved do you not hear?
The voice which is coming from my heart so clear,

I am very un-easy as you are out of sight
I am very happy as your beauty will appear

I am in a fix Odarling why you are away?
I am feeling now a second as a harder year

I am overtaken by the heavy storm of gloom
Further sorrow, further worry

I can never bear
I am waiting impatiently for your arrival

Take pity on me for heaven, take pity, my dear?
Darling! I am lost in the desert of death,

I am feeling being drowned yes I say with swear,
Come here,to get me rid of these alarming pains,
Whatever do say the people you should never fear?

To The Master of My Heart

Hullo, Picture of beauty,Hullo idol of light,
I remember your faith all the day and night;

Your rose like lips how pretty and sweet;
Your charming face how lovely and bright;

Your beautiful body how soft and warm;
I am very impatient as you are out of sight;

Oh,I can never live in the world without you;
You are center of my faith,you are center of my right;

Darling in your absence
I am feeling as stuffy as the world is very tight

I am yours you are mine may maintain this relation
You are fairy of my heart in my eyes live you might

If it wanted to snatch my beloved from me
I will fight, against the world;
I will fight, I will fight;

I am your fan;

I am passing time
Catch me if you can

I am on the fire
Like a frying pan;

How can we exist?
Everything is ban

Seeing our velour
Enemies ran;

May be accident
Life seems van;

Golden world

Twinkly, Twinkly star
Moon is very far

You can never eat
Fullof honey jar

Passes very fast
Time is like a car;

Inter change drinkers
World is like a bar;

Pleasant and decent
Will is Shalimar;

Being out of pocket
No going bazar;

You should be a king
Fateh win the war;

Strong Thoughts

Nock, Nock, Cock
It will be unlock;

You are for awakening;
Crow like a cock

If we sudden fail;
It will be a shock;

Never leavehitting;
It will break the rock

You can never wear
Having single sock;

You can travel more
Being in a flock

Fateh get up now
It is four o, clock;

Amazing Lines
A wise men told
Who was very old

Silence is diamond
Wisdom is gold;

Fears spoils life
Be always bold

We should work,
Hot or cold;

Time is like a wave
You can’t hold

He may broken
Who doesn’t mold

Fateh never peep
What is being sold;

Historic Words

If my fate is fine;
Everything is mine;

Peace and love is moto;
I am to combine

I have much ambitions;
You may imagine;
In the book of nature;
You are under line;

I am touching zero
You are being nine;

Life is joining death;
Room is my shrine

Death is such to me
As to you is vine;

Fateh it is health
You should have a pine;

Pak Studies

Loving country, Pakistan;
Our neighbor is Iran

India China Russia too
Also country of Afghan

Common wealth with England
Our fellow is japan

Our moto is success;
We have a strong plane

Who is the poet of world?
Certainly, Fateh khan


I am fond of school.
Book, bench and stool

Who reminds Knowledge;
He is never fool;

I am frog of words
Wisdom is my pool;

I unlock the brain;
Logic is my tool

Never be offended
Keep your mind cool

It is very could;
Let us wear wool;

Golden Chain

What does then remain?
If love is in vain

Forget own smile;
Remember others, pain;

Running day and night;
Life is like a train;

God has gifted me
A powerful brain

How can Irefuse?
Your golden Chain;

I did not insist;
He shall come again;

Fateh man of letters;
He is my domain;


My dear host.
Let us go to cost;

My best is good
Your much is most;

Thinking your letter;
I kiss every post

My darling is fairy
Myrival is ghost

Can You Explain
He has Written Yost

Purple Handkerchief
How can Ibrief;
Purple handkerchief

Who has stolen heart?
Your pretty thief

All is due to you
You are cause of grief

Fateh,O my rival
Commit no mischief

A Friend In deed

A friend in need
Is a friend in deed.

Love is the flower;
Hatred is weed;

Slow not fast
Keep mean speed

Earn your self
Don’t ask feed

Trust in God
Sow your seed

It is called curse
Give up the greed

Wooden Cot

I like a lot;
My wooden cot;

Dear home land,
OurQuaid got;

Pray for the rain,
It is very hot;

Never be offended,
Don’t break pot;

Who will understand?
Fateh I am dot;

Let us play a Game

I and you are same
Mention your name

Savingyour picture
My heart is frame;

Brought a lot of pleasure
Whenever you came

Looser will be winner
Let us play a game

Which can burn the lovers
Love is like a flame

Who is ignorant?
Shame Shame Shame

I am lover Fateh;
This will be my fame

Don’t Be Slow

He does not know;
Which seed is to sow;

We hunt pray’
Without arrow bow

Due to weakness
My B.P is low’

How romantic is it
It is falling snow

Lovers in a slaughter
Waiting making row

Familiar to all;
I am white crow

Fateh in the race
Never be slow;

Simple Cottage

How can Imanage?
So lengthy voyage

I am as a prisoner’
Room is like a cage

Better than a palace
My simple cottage;

He is called a loafer
How can Iengage?

Symbol of your love
Even every page;


You should be alert
People may convert

Struggle is a garden
Life is desert
You will find safe
What will you insert?

You should be sincere
Nowhere divert

Fateh in this art
You should be expert

Right Is Up Right

Rival or friend’
We have to attend

Before any devil
You should never bend

Our dear home land;
We are to defend
Your mighty hand
Will you please lend?

I am out of pocket
How can Ispend?

When you deceive
It will be an end

A passage for him
A person must mend

Right is up right
Whatever be trend

You should use logic
Injustice offend

Fateh up and up
We have to descend

Make Up Your Mind

We should ever find
Justice for mankind;

Nation is divided
This book is to bind;

He is to combine
Who is left behind?

Openyour eyes
Never be blind

We have to succeed
Make up your mind

If you burn the moto
You have to rewind

Fateh any living
You should never grind;

Love Is Life

Same people state;
Letters of; LOVE;

Land of sorrow;
Ocean of tears;

Valley of death;
End of life;
My be so;
I understand;

Love is life;
Life of lovers;

Lovers are alive;
Qais is alive;

Vamiq is alive;
Furhad is alive;

Love is life;
Life of be loveds

Beloveds are alive,
Laila is live Azra is alive

Sheereen is alive,
Love is life

Life of stories,
Life of poetry

Stories are alive,
Poetry is alive.

Love is life
I’ amyourlove;

I am alive
Love is life

You’r my love
You’r alive love,

You will be Immortal

Love is eternal
Love is endless

Heavenly Thoughts

Let’s build the world
Smiling and supporting

Greeting and helping
Let us build the world

Free from worried
Free from grieves

Let us build the world
Free from idols

Let us make a world
Tidy and charming

Pretty and Amazing
Let us make the world

Loving and sympatric
Easy and pious,

Let us grant the world
Peace and beauty

Knowledge and character
Unity and equality

Let us show the world
Art and invention

Fun and excitement
Let us make it healthy

Let us make it wealthy
Let us make it happy
Let us make it heaven

World Is Wide

You must abide
Never leave the side

You are my friend
It is my pride

Run carefully
Lest you collide
Be my obedient
I have come to guide

We are like children
Playing seek and hide

So lazy horse
I cannot ride

You may migrate
Fateh world is wide

Beautiful Necklace
Moon is you are face
Body golden case

I shall present you
Beautiful necklace

I am your fan
Howmajestic pace

It will melt the iron
You need a furnace

Flood is in the bottom
Coming to Surface

You are my fait
I am your grace

Fateh be victorious
You should win the race

Tit For Tat

Night is rat
Day is cat

Go on hitting
Carry on the bat

It is full of dangers
Never be fat
Find your own
It is my hat

For your sake
You are setting mat

You should understand
Tit for Tat

You will lose the race
Fateh if you sat

We are To Awake

Baker will bake
A beautiful cake

I am fond of pure
I have nothing fake

You will then repent
Love is a mistake
Let me be drowned
Your eyes are lake

Avoid selfish person
He is like snake

I shall bear all
For your sake

Every fast van
I shall over take

Fateh understand
We are to awake;

Beautiful Contrast

Future present past
Our love is vast

I shall never care
What is your cast?

Lest you slip
Don’t run fast

You are first love
Andyou’re last

I and you will form
Beautiful contrast

Be a Decent Lad

I was very sad
Nothing I had

If you hurt heart
You’re very bad

Stampis love
Heart is pad
It is fine manner
Obey your dad

Able humble noble
Be a decent lad

Overcome the anger
Never be mad

You are very happy
I am very glad

I shall pick the sack

Before you attack
Precare your back

Picks the person up
Zeist is like jack

Lovedoes not see
White or black;

Art and knowledge
We should pick and pack

I am fond of books,
I shall fill the rack

Fateh powerfully,
I shall pick the sack

I have eaten roast
You have taken toast

Let us thank God
We should never boast

Choose Right Path

Whenever I call
Come like a ball

Choose right path
Lest you fall

Life is a test
World is a hall

Not opposing cruel
Criminal we all

Littles are jealous
Why am I tall

Fateh for the moto
Go across the wall

You should find peak

We cannot speak
Due to being weak.

Why are you silent
Open your beak,

Love is a secret
You should never leak

Fateh under stand
You should find peak!

Be Like Bee
Listen and see
Be like bee

Don’t be defaulter
Pay your fee,

In the battle, field
You should never flee,

It is feeling pain
Elbow and knee

Thank for liberty,
Fateh being free

Our Love Is Deep

If you often peep
I shall never weep,

We are like a sea
Our love is deep

Standard in poverty
How can people keep?

Having severe pain
How can patient sleep

Whenever you meet
Our time is cheep

Fateh running fast
Time is like a jeep

VelourIs a Mare

You should take care
Never be bare,

I am speaking truth
Will you like dare

Life is like a boat
Struggle is a fare

I am tortoise
You are like hare

You can win the race
Valor is a mare

Living among the cheaters’
You should be aware

Spicy Dish of Meat

You should come to eat
Spicy dish of meat,

Heart is calling you
Listen to the beat

It can melt you
Love is full of heat

Just like a flower
She is very neat

You can occupy,
It is your seat

We were out of heaven
Due to eating wheat

Should be thought precious
Our blood and sweat

I am an artist
Poetry is my feat,

Loving Is My Town

Green, Yellow, Brown
Loving is my town

Don’t be afraid
I am coming down

Care is necessary
We may not drown

If I speak the truth
You should not frown

Symbol of literature
Your sacred gown

Fateh in the field
I shall win the crown

Distinguish Poetry

Don’t care moon,
I am coming soon;

Makes exercise’
Healthy and wise;

Love ‘Love love’
Be like a dove;

It is our goal’
To find oil coal;

Why are you sad?’
O’ pretty lad;

Be happy now,
Just like cow;

You Should Never Bow

We must know
What is to sow?

Towards false gods
You should never bow

Mend your speed
You are very slow

How pretty ants
Going in a row

Let us visit hill,
It is falling snow

I often Fateh
Write in a flow,

Awful Tips
Soil plane, sand,
Love your land;

Laugh and smiles,
Make better file

Every time bloom
Like bridegroom

Live like ox
Never be a fox;

Don’t punch others
Live like Brothers

Very very loving
Sisters and Mothers

Fateh And Co

Do not go
To and fro

God is kind
It rains lo!

Are you mine?
Yes or no?

Greed is curse
Don’t do so

Famous in the world
Fateh and co

Love Is Hearts Law

Crow says caw
Cat says maw

Very very dangerous,
It is lions paw

Seems very furious
Your open jaw,

Every drowning man
Catch’s at straw

Loan is scissors
Selfish men saw

Friendship is the order
Love is hearts law

I am pure Fateh
Your Faith is raw

May My Valley Green
Have you ever seen?
Doll of seventeen!

To the hatred side
I have never been

I have often prayed
May my valley green,

When you serve the nation
I shall be between

I am your king
You are pretty Queen;

I am real Fateh
If my love is keen,

Lie is Defect

Lie is defect
We must detect

I am yourown.
How can you reject

I often select

You will ill to God;
Being in direct

Fateh for the life
Choose loving sect;

Fulfil Your Pact

It is noble act
Fulfil your pact;

Life is not easy
It is touching fact

Nothing insolvable
Use proper tact

We do not care
Often eye contact

Fateh understand
Nothing is perfect;

I am your guide

Way Is Wide
Whatever you ride

Play care fully
Save your side

It is my promise
I shall abide

Don’t be worried;
I am your guide

World should know
We are allied

City Seems Jungle

City seems jungle
Full of cruel people

Being very brave
I am facing trouble

Nobody will help,
Father BrotherUncle,

I have gathered much,
I am lifting bundle

You have to defend,
Hold your rifle,

Fateh we are conqueror,
It is our title


I am sorry boss,
It is our loss,

I am in a fix
Soon come across

You will wicket out
I shall throw a doss

Fateh I am glad,
I have won the toss,

Never Fly a Kite

Anti-black and white,

Found very dangerous
Dengue parasite

Save your self
Lest dog bite

You can fall down,
Never fly a kite,

He will meet smiling
Fateh is polite,

I have pen and press
You people confess,
It is my success

You should hit the goal
Whenever you guess,

Health life love
May Allah bless,

Secret of my health,
My simple mess,

Fateh I am brave
I have pen and press

Give Me Some Coverage
This is modern age,
House looks cottage,

Listen I have nothing
Bag and baggage,

He is very angry,
Give him some package,

Life withoutyou,
How can Imanage?

It is due to you
Fulfil my damage,

Pain of separation
Sickness of voyage

I am being famous
Give me some coverage,

Kind to passengers,
This is good passage,

Fateh you are here
Don’t leave stage,

Be Very Brave
Be very brave
World is yourslave,

Man is very cruel,
This is age of cave,

That is very fine
The massage you gave,

I am out of pocket
Noting I have

Bloody incident,
May God save

Go on raising,
Be like wave

I, am after you
Going to the grave

Easy will be way
Fateh shall you pave

Dry Your Hay
We should pray
Night and day

Listen to me,
Hand some gay,

It is a sunshine
Dry your hay

For sound health,
Let us we play,

Fateh having hope
You are bright ray

Finish This Day
Why are you away
Finish this day

See yourdream,
When I lay

Only three months
March, April, May

You are not mine,
What do you say?

I am impatient
When will you stay?

For your gift,
Fateh I shall pay,

You Should Never Kill
It is our will
We should set a mill,

After the default
Who will pay the bill?

You should come to see,
I am very ill

Ourempty bag
Who will come to fill?

I am in the bottom
You are on the hill,

Let exist the life
You should never kill

For the sound sleep,
He will take the pill

We are making batter
Our own skill

Fateh naughtyboys,
How can sit still;

For the healthy Life
Necessary is drill

Bombing Racket

Who will go to bracket?
He has bombing racket,
Death causing package

You Are On the Bail

World is like a jail
You are on the bail,

Pastry sweet fruit
Fill in the pail

I am working hard
Lest I fail
Save your self
It is falling hail,

Naught is very tight
Useyour nail

Life is like a train
Universe is rail,

Wind is in the favor
Open your sail

Time is Tidy River
Who should neverwail

How will you survive?
Tell me in detail

Fateh my poetry
Massage and mail,

Who Broke brick

Pluck or pick,
Flowers or sick

Who has fallen down
You should never kick

Your pretty name,
Only I shall tick

We are very lazy,
They are very quick

It will be a cock
I shall buy a chick

Six runs came
Went way a snick

Go barking dog
I have stick

You will not shiver
The blanket is thick

Fateh it is loss
Who broke brick?

Doing More and More

Doing more and more
Like a super store

Can you estimate?
Hardships I bore

Life is very firm
I have said before

It will be amazing,
Let us go to shore

Question what you ate?
Whatever you wore

Let Us Eat Slice
Let us eat slice
It is very nice

To her pretty valley,
I have gone twice,

It has bad affection
Lessen use of ice

What is your Choice?

House is full of mice
Head is full of lice

For presentation
Who will come to dice?

I am very easy
Like an active voice

World or heaven
It is your choice

Fateh friend is hungry
You are eating rice

Go To Paradise

Change your guise
Live country vise

Necessary for the health
Taking exercise

Leaving sinful life
Go to paradise

People are silent’
Thief is making noise,

It is close to nature’
Rise with sunrise

Who is God fearing?
He is very wise,

Can you minimize?
Doing mesmerize

You have special status
You should recognize’

In the Second life
Who will subsidize,

Under estimator
Can you down size?

We can over come
If we organize’

Who will win the race?
He will get the prize

Who has art of nothing?
He will channelize,

Fateh with my ode,
I can hypnotize’

Love for All

Love for all’
This is our call’

Active and smooth,
Be like ball

We should keep standing,
We should not fall,

Life is a test
World is a hall

You will be respected
Tall orsmall,

In between us
We shall fell the wall,

We are interchanging
Like tea stall,

Love is Absolute
You are a tribute
For my institute,

Don’t pass away,
Hullo O my cute

Eastern nor western
Love is absolute,

I am feeling pain
How can be I mute?

How my love is vast?
How can you compute?

You are dutyfull
Fateh I solute

Be Close And Near

Hullo, O,my dear
Be close and near

You are my moon:
When will you appear?

So much difficulty,
How can Ibear?

I am your friend
You should not fear

Your sweet song,
I have come to hear

You are sweet smile
I am bitter tear’

I am yourtruly’
Fateh yes I swear;

Oh, my heart, peep into,
Its treatment you can do

You will find tinny mini creatures
World is like very vast zoo

You should learn what is what?
You should know who is who,

I said co she said key
Crow said caw pigeon said coo,

Everyone likes your simple ode
Fateh you are fame I like too,


I am very sad
You are being bad,

Think before you talk
Never be mad

Any drug orvine,
I have never had,

May be in cottage
Any Lass or lad

As you have arrived,
I am very glad

Fateh sasna lands
On the hele pad,

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